Outstanding production analysis even at high throughput rates

The MOD-Q VISION fully-automated inline inspection system creates a reliable data basis for production analysis. Even at high throughput rates, the system checks and measures features, such as cell positioning and distance between strings in great detail. The system reliably detects and classifies optical defects such as incorrect string spacing, incorrectly positioned tabbings and cross connectors, as well as foreign objects and bubbles.

MOD-Q VISION is easy to integrate into new and existing production lines. It can also be easily adjusted to enable inspection of different print patterns, as well as common module designs, such as 60/72 cells, half cells and shingles.

The system supports “Copy-Exact” calibration, ensuring that the same quality parameters are used in all machines. This precision leads to permanent cost savings in production, increases the reliability of quality assessments, and forms the basis for correct management decisions.

Product Details

  • Recipe copy-exact
  • Fully automatic detection of optical defects for reliable and unbiased quality decisions
  • 99% of all cell designs readily implemented from cell inspection
  • MES Interface
  • Connection to Central Recipe Management
  • Connection to Central Yield Management
  • Connection to Central Health Management