Inline Thin Film Inspection

Cost-effective production through full process monitoring: ISRA offers a full range of solutions for reliable monitoring of all relevant thin-film processes and early defect identification, from incoming glass control to EL control of the finished module. Depending on the application, inspections focus on:

  • detection of defects that lead to breakages and production downtimes
  • quality control of individual process steps to increase efficiency and yield.

Glass Incoming Control

Inspection of the glass substrate to increase productivity.

Bow Measurement

Determination of substrate bow and other 3D defects, such as after absorber deposition.

Absorber Coating Check

Detection of surface defects and deposition homogeneity.

Scribing Process Monitoring

Position and quality monitoring of scribe lines for monolithic interconnection.

Detailed Analysis of the CIGS Absorber Layer

Determination of the stoichiometric composition of the absorber layer.

Electroluminescence Testing of Thin-Film Solar Modules

Inspection of interconnection quality and short circuit detection.