Improve product quality while increasing production yield. ISRA’s optical inline inspection systems guarantee outstanding quality assessment.

During the wafering process, our technology detects and classifies even the tiniest defects with utmost precision.

When used during the final inspection in wafer production, our inspection systems allow users to sort wafers into different quality classes and provide insights into how to optimize upstream processes. In contrast, when used for input monitoring in cell manufacturing, the systems allow users to remove Off-Spec Wafers before the first process step.

Inline Wafer Inspection

Complete inline monitoring, even at high production speeds. Reliably identify and classify all visual surface defects on As-Cut Wafers

Inline Inspection for Wafer Probers

Measurement systems for installations in highly-integrated wafer probers. Create a perfect quality and process monitoring system

Laboratory Measuring Systems

Non-contact inline monitoring and contact-based laboratory measurement systems ensure excellent process and quality control