Inline Wafer Inspection for Wafer Probers

Save costs and space when building complete measurement systems: Our inspection solutions for quality and process monitoring in wafering are perfect for installation in highly-integrated wafer testing equipment. With a compact enclosure and small footprint, they provide outstanding inspection results even at high throughput rates.

The optical inspection systems for As-Cut Wafers reliably detect all visual surface defects. In addition, special measurement add-ons enable the detection of microcracks and saw marks with high precision.

Inline Surface Inspection Optimized for Wafer Probers

The measurement system was developed especially for wafer testing equipment with continuous wafer transport function and a small footprint. The wafer surface is inspected on the fly, i.e. with a moving sample. Any contamination is reliably detected and the wafers are classified according to their quality.

Inline Monitoring of Wafer Geometry Optimized for Wafer Probers

Optical inspection system for on the fly wafer geometry measurement.

Inline Surface Inspection for Identifying Open and Closed Cracks

Inspection system for identifying microcracks, optimized for use in integrated wafer prober.

Inline Luminescence Inspection for Determining the Efficiency Potential

Non-contact inspection for identifying material defects while also determining the efficiency potential.

Inline Inspection for Full 3D Surface Measurement 

Inspection system for 3D surface measurement with micrometer precision, optimized for highly-integrated wafer probers.