Inline Wafer Inspection

Permanent optimization of production throughput with full inline inspection, even at high inspection speeds: Special add-ons enable precise detection of visual surface defects, such as microcracks and saw marks. In order to ensure a minimum level of quality, such as in wafer input, we offer systems for individual applications like geometry checks or crack detection.

Inline Inspection of the Wafer Surface

Reliable identification of visual surface defects and irregularities in the geometry of As-Cut Wafers.

Inline 3D Surface Measurement of Wafers

Optical inline inspection for complete height measurement of the wafer surface with micrometer precision.

Inline Luminescence Inspection for Determining the Efficiency Potential

Non-contact inspection for identifying material defects while also determining the efficiency potential.

Optical Inspection System for Identifying Microcracks

Full inline wafer monitoring for microcracks.