Web Break Monitoring (WBM)

Reliable web break monitoring for greater production efficiency

The WBM is a camera-based monitoring system for detecting web breaks and analyzing their causes. The generated data can be used to immediately execute measures to eliminate sources of disturbances  and significantly increase production efficiency.

What is more, WBM is the only product on the market to offer an all-in-one solution with the ISRA IntelliCam. The compact stainless steel housing contains:

  • The most powerful LED lighting with an integrated adjustment unit and a range of different module combinations of focused and scattered light for homogeneous illumination of the area of interest
  • A self-cleaning wiper/water system that ensures a clean field of vision and light for the camera. Alternatively, a brush/air cleaning system can be used in dry and dusty production environments
  • A high-resolution HD camera for capturing sharp, high-contrast images

This combination ensures excellent image quality that allows users to identify even the tiniest details. The WBM achieves its maximum performance when combined with the PAPER MASTER web inspection system

Product Details

  • Compact all-in-one solution
  • Adjustable most powerful LED
  • Best image quality
  • Less space requirements
  • Minimum 50% web break reduction