Superior quality control for head-up display mirrors

Only 100% flawless head-up display mirrors achieve perfect imaging and therefore maximum driving safety. Even the smallest shape deviations and defects lead to a distorted or faulty image.

SpecGAGE3D detects the form and defects of specular objects - such as head-up display mirrors - in a time and cost-efficient manner with only one measurement.

Thanks to the reliable 100% inspection, you discard faulty parts immediately, save resources, and improve your processes sustainably.


CAD comparison in a few seconds

For reliable inspection of mirrored components, SpecGAGE3D projects a stripe pattern onto the mirror surface to be inspected. The reflecting stripe pattern on the object is recorded from different perspectives.Then the object geometry is reconstructed from the recorded image sequence. Defects on the surface lead to deviations in the stripe pattern.

With the help of CAD data, the head-up display mirrors are checked for their correct curvature.
The measurement data is compared with the CAD model, and a difference map is created with micrometer accuracy.

At the same time, the surface is checked for local distortions and defects such as waviness, orange peel, inclusions, hillocks.

The tolerable deviation can be checked reliably and efficiently, plus the production process can be controlled by point comparison, profile sections or area-based evaluation.

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