Automobile manufacturers and their customers place the highest demands on quality and aesthetics. Shougang Jingtang, one of the largest steel sheet manufacturers for the automotive sector in China, therefore, relies on an inspection system from ISRA - the dual sensor combines the advantages of matrix and line scan cameras and thus guarantees complete defect detection.

In the automotive sector demands a very high quality standard, because end customers only accept flawless new cars. To meet the customers’ high quality expectations, the manufacturers pass the high demands on to their suppliers, accordingly. Technological advances in the manufacturing of sheet metal as well as increased customer requirements result in making the steel surface quality an important assessment aspect.

These constantly increasing quality demands make 100% reliable detection necessary. "Automatic in-line surface inspection has become standard - it is indispensable in a modern metal producing company. ISRA's Dual Sensor excels by being significantly more efficient than conventional inspection systems," says Mr. Zhang Yangyang at Shougang Jingtang. The company's goal is to deliver the highest quality for its discerning customers. Through our steel surface inspection, we have increased customer satisfaction and quality has improved.
The prerequisite for these results is the best inspection for a wide range of materials.Until the installation of ISRA’s Dual Sensor systems, the company has relied on manual procedures and had not been able to achieve the 100% inspection it was aiming for - and was not able to guarantee the quality standards that were desired.  Shougang Jingtang has therefore opted for a system from ISRA.  The Dual Sensor, with different light attributes (diffuse, directional, spectral - combination of infrared and white light), inspects simultaneously with the help of matrix and line scanners.  This enables every defect to be detected and reliably classified.  The company also uses the inspection results for subsequent quality management.

Efficient combination of matrix and line scan camera technology

By combining two camera technologies and their specific light sources, the most accurate inspection results and practically complete defect detection are possible, even under difficult production conditions. The system combines the advantages of both technologies and performs the inspection without compromise. The result is high efficiency through automatic inspection and timely results.
Today, the dual sensor is the standard for demanding applications at Shougang Jingtang: With its combination of matrix and line scan cameras, it delivers enormous added value. The outstanding detection rate and classification contribute to product improvement, as well as process optimization based on the production data analysis. Today, the quality management personnel works with a factual data through reporting that they can rely on when reasoning internally with other departments.
ISRA VISION has reliably satisfied Shougang Jingtang, a demanding supplier of automotive exterior parts. Today, the company makes high quality decisions and can convince its customers with a "zero-defect-strategy". At the same time, despite its high complexity, the system is characterized by fast commissioning and easy handling - and in consequence by a quick return on investment for the customer.

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