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Corporate News, 대한민국
무결점 생산을 위한 자동화 품질 제어

자동차 디스플레이 : 라이트 가이드, 디스플레이 커버 글래스 품질 제어

Corporate News, 대한민국
웨이퍼 표면을 완벽하게 검사합니다

웨이퍼 표면의 결함을 빠르게 검출합니다

Founder and CEO Enis Ersü to retire from active professional life on June 30, 2021

One of the founding fathers of the German machine vision industry will enter a new stage of life as he is set to retire from his position as CEO of ISRA VISION AG by the end of June 2021 after 36 years.

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Costs for customer complaints reduced by over 80%

Flexible packaging: 100% inspection system takes quality control to the next level

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Simplify color printing and optimize process speeds

New options and features for coating and print inspection systems

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Advanced Hazing Detection reliably detects color hazing on transparent films

In operation at SÜDPACK: Significantly more than a standard 100% inline inspection system

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Reliable 3D measurement process guarantees quality for high-grade injection-molded components

Form measurement and defect detection for glossy surfaces

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Achieve unprecedented process stability with complete production transparency: React immediately to pending problems and benefit from highest yields at the lowest cost

YieldViewer identifies and specifies process deviations in real time

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100% defect detection: Multiview functions ensure full-coverage inspections for flexible packaging solutions

Reliably detect invisible production errors such as hazing, coating, and cold seal defects.