100% Print inspection – at any time – No defect escapes!

One hundred percent process monitoring for quality printed products across all stages of production

The optical inline print inspection guarantees an economic, hundred percent and seamless monitoring of the printed image directly at the machine. Objective and reproducible inspection results can be achieved even at the highest production speeds of several hundreds of meters per minute. It can be used for:

  • All processes: web, sheets, cut-outs, or blanks
  • All printing methods: gravure, offset, flexo, digital,…
  • On all materials foil, paper, cardboard, metal
  • For special applications: flexible electronic circuits, RFID

The freely scalable print inspection systems enable 100% monitoring and documentation of the print quality for the entire print job. They can be implemented at any stage of the process, inline and offline. The 100% print inspection is based on complete coverage of the entire printed image thanks to high-speed line scan cameras with highest resolution. There is no need for any moving components. The modular, scalable design ensures that the print inspection system can be integrated into any process environment. The systems deliver reliable inspection results even at highest printing speeds, eliminates web fluctuations or sheet offset - obstacles for many other companies’ solutions.

Efficient algorithms and innovative technology facilitate reliable recognition of all defects that can lower quality, such as splashes, hickeys, scratches, creases, smears, water drips, color deviations, mis-registrations, embossing, foil and coating defects. An integrated database saves the inspection results, thus providing comprehensive information for objective, complete documentation of the quality.


  • More flexible production process
  • Optimized degree of automation with increasing variety of models and types
  • Great gains in productivity and optimized equipment efficiency
  • 100% print inspection with 100% documentation
  • No unrecognized waste, guaranteed product safety
  • Maximized yield and minimized waste
  • Optimized production parameters
  • Overcoming the limits of human eyes
  • 100% automation of production and quality assurance

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