Nonwovens web inspection systems guarantee 100%, continuous monitoring for defined at set quality standards for the highest production speeds in all process steps. These systems can typically be found inline immediately following production and at product finishing. They are suitable for the control of nonwovens including spunbonded, spun laid, airlaid, carded or melt blown.

Due to the modular set-up, our out-of-the-box nonwovens inspection systems can be technically and economically optimized and adapted to any production line`s width and line feed.

Recognition of smallest, colored or black-and-white defects with repeatable recognition, analysis, and classification

thin areas thick areas holes Foreign fibers
lines coating defects contamination Color defects
formation defects embossing defects  

Additional inspection options

  • Width measurement
  • Center position determination (alignment)
  • Formation analysis 

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Portfolio-Erweiterung der 3D-Technologie

ISRA investiert erneut in 3D-Technologie und erweitert Portfolio strategisch mit Darmstädter Polymetric GmbH

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