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The best quality, the widest possible flexibility and low costs have long been demanded by automotive manufacturers. Interlocking new and complex process chains with each other is vital for the production of top-class vehicles. As a supplier to the automotive industry, ISRA focuses on highly efficient systems that provide the manufacturer with a long-term competitive advantage. An intelligent tool box comprising 3D inline measurement technology and in-process analysis software is available for measurement tasks on the body in white. It enables a complete quality inspection and evaluation at a local level, for each measurement cell as well as for the whole car body – detailed, exact and accessible everywhere.

Download: Innovative gauging technology: Best Practice - Best Value
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Gauging package
In-process analysis software IQ-VIS



Portfolio-Erweiterung der 3D-Technologie

ISRA investiert erneut in 3D-Technologie und erweitert Portfolio strategisch mit Darmstädter Polymetric GmbH

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