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Inspection solutions for the automotive production line

  • Stable processes - Smooth operation with automated part handling
  • Highest production quality with complete process and quality control
  • Extensive process know-how
  • Comprehensive service from engineering and commissioning to ramp-up and beyon​d

Select an inspection area in automotive production

Body Shop

Ensure trouble-free control of all process steps with automated handling of all components – large or small, sorted or unsorted. Reduce your quality costs with reliable inspection solutions and intuitive robot guidance systems. 

By integrating our systems into your processes, you can manage a broad range of part variants fully automatically and adhere effortlessly to specified tolerance limits.  This increases the process quality significantly and ensures that industrial robots can be used with ease.

With 35 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding of our customer requirements and have optimized our systems, especially for body shop applications. Our service team is there to support you every step of the way, from feasibility to engineering, commissioning, and ramp-up.

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Paint Shop

Boost customer satisfaction by increasing the extent of automation of your paint processes. Plus, benefit from enhanced process reliability and outstanding quality.

Advancing automation in the paint shop has made ISRA’s highly-flexible robot guidance systems your key for ensuring higher product quality and more efficient use of robots. QUISS products for precise inspection of PVC applications are the perfect addition to your system.

Our image processing systems are designed especially for position and location detection, paint and surface inspection, and process monitoring. They ensure robust, highly automated processes and guarantee your product quality through objective and very reliable optical inspection systems.

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Final Assembly

Guarantee consistent quality in your processes with reliable automated assembly solutions.

With ISRA systems, you benefit from a well-proven automation solution for all assembly applications. It ensures continuous process and quality inspections and supports parts handling – large or small, sorted or unsorted.

ISRA and QUISS offer an extensive portfolio of systems for their respective applications that complement each other perfectly. Proven in numerous installations worldwide, these innovative technologies guarantee 100% quality assurance and unlock significant potential for greater efficiency, thereby ensuring a quick return on investment.

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EV Battery

Intelligent machine vision solutions can be used in several steps of the battery production such as battery module assembly, Cell stack assembly; gap filler applications, tightening of modules, cover sealing and cover to tray assembly.

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Tier 1 - Supplier

Customers expect new cars to have flawless surfaces. Even minor scratches or paint defects on parts such as bumpers or B-pillars can lead to costly complaints, while faulty curved displays or mirrors can compromise driving safety. Painted, reflective and especially curved surfaces are often extremely sensitive and therefore difficult to inspect.  

ISRA VISION's solutions for fully automated surface inspection consistently and objectively detect and evaluate defects on almost all glossy automotive components. Painted surfaces are inspected cost-effectively and defects are found according to reproducible specifications.  

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