Plastic film production

Plastic film, foil & sheets inspection

  • Reduction of quality complaints and costs
  • Document quality and ship with certainty
  • Optimize maintenance 
  • Quickly resolve resin issues and process upsets
  • Optimize converting and disposition decisions
  • Fast ROI through a short setup time

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ISRA VISION is a leading provider of technologies for industrial image processing (machine vision). 

In order to make production both more sustainable and more cost-effective for customers worldwide, we help to detect defects at an early stage through surface inspection, ensure quality and thus secure our customers' competitive edge.

With about 1,200 employees, we supply customers across manifold sectors and in a wide range of industries. Among others, our vision systems are used in the automotive, battery, glass, solar, traffic and packing sectors. In this way, we help ensure that products such as cars, solar panels, batteries, hygiene products and food packaging meet the high standards they require. 

With our future-oriented applications, we make a decisive contribution to the topic of sustainability. This includes saving finite resources and continuously optimizing process chains.

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Think global - act local. Everyday, we discuss with our highly innovative customers their latest requirements. In close collaboration we find the best machine vision solution which fits to their specific applications perfectly. This partnership demands smooth global communication channels considering the insights of the local activities.