Inspection systems for the print industry

  • Optimize print quality
  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
Print inspection

Select an area of print inspection in packaging applications

Flexible packaging

High-quality packaging not only stands for aesthetic appearance but is also rated by the end consumer as an indication of the quality of the packaged product. Flexible packaging manufacturing is therefore a complex process that presents critical challenges. The most common problems include print quality defects, sealing, coating, or lamination defects. 

Other challenges include waste management and cutting production costs while maintaining high-quality standards. Overcoming these problems requires great attention at every stage of the production process. 

From printing to finishing, precise quality control must ensure that the final product meets the desired quality standards. An automated inspection system, therefore, is the solution to reduce waste and save costs and time. 

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Corrugated packaging

Displays, so-called shelf-ready trays, promotional displays for point-of-sale, or even secondary packaging are being printed more and more elaborately to contribute to a special shopping experience. The quality of the printed image on a corrugated board is decisive for its appeal to the end consumer: printing errors, such as missing color or even a missing printed image, register errors, stripes, and similar defects lead to rejects and rising production costs. The automatic print inspection helps to avoid these defects and reliably ensures the quality of corrugated packaging.

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Metal packaging

Metal packaging is a complex process that places high demands on printing, coating, and material integrity. A whole range of defect sources, such as color deviations, printing defects, contaminations, edge defects, and material defects, can significantly impair the quality of the final product. One of the biggest challenges, however, is to achieve high product quality at a fast production speed. 

Our inline printing and coating inspection solutions ensure both 100% quality control and process optimization at maximum throughput.

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