Inspections solutions for the glass industry

  • 100 % defect detection on float and processed glass
  • Outstanding inspection at full production speeds with reliable real-time classification
  • Complete process monitoring
  • Yield optimization
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Select an inspection area in glass production

Automotive Glass

Meet the tough specifications for automotive glass quality throughout the entire production process. 

With decades of experience, ISRA VISION offers a complete product portfolio of inline surface inspection systems, along with optical and 3D measurement technology. You can also use our advanced laboratory systems to develop new products or generate valid spot check results. 

Learn more about our automotive glass solutions.

Float Glass

Optimize your manufacturing operation with complete process and quality monitoring from a single source. 

ISRA VISION inspection systems precisely and reliably inspect your float glass line, from hot to cold end. They measure both distortions and glass flatness, immediately detecting any defects in the glass or changes to the thickness and tension. You can resolve defects quickly while maximizing production efficiency. 

Learn more about our float glass solutions.

Thin and Display Glass

The constant trend towards larger displays introduces increasing challenges for quality and production yield of display glass and cover glasses.  

ISRA VISION´s unique, innovative and comprehensive portfolio of optical inspection solutions for thin glass applications helps to meet the demanding customer requirements and boosting manufacturing efficiency while simultaneously reducing cost. 

Learn more about our thin and display glass solutions.

Solar Glass

Meet the product requirements for the solar and photovoltaic industry, now and in the future. 

ISRA VISION inspection solutions continuously monitor the solar glass on the moving ribbon. They detect all defects on the glass, edges, and coating, even those that conventional systems cannot detect or distinguish. Defective material is removed early on to prevent additional costs. 

Learn more about our solar glass solutions.

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