Semiconductor inspection for wafering and back-end processes

  • Quality control: ensure the highest quality standards in your wafer production process
  • Identify and adjust wafer process deviations early to increase yield and reduce downtime
  • Ensure long-term reliability eliminating potential defects that could impact device performance
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Select an inspection area in semiconductor production

Wafer Production

ISRA VISION's inspection tools for semiconductor manufacturing include defect detection on the surface, at the edge and inside the wafer. Defect classification, metrology and data management complement our solutions to help manufacturers manage quality throughout the wafering process.

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Back End Process

Achieve higher yields, enhanced traceability, and faster ROI with zero-defect quality chip production: Our combinable 2D and 3D analysis systems significantly improve quality assurance by inspecting all chips individually and evaluating the integrated circuit packaging. Integrated at the interface between the front-end and back-end, ISRA inspection systems detect defects in individual components at the wafer level and in the dicing frame. This 100% inspection ensures that only flawless material is sent to the customer.

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