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Inspection solutions for the body shop

  • Stable processes - Smooth operation with automated part handling
  • Highest production quality with complete process and quality control
  • Extensive process know-how
  • Comprehensive service from engineering and commissioning to ramp-up and beyond

Body Shop

Ensure smooth control of all process steps with the automated handling of all components - large or small, sorted, or unsorted. Reduce your quality costs with reliable inspection solutions. 

By integrating our systems into your process, you can fully automate a wide range of part variations and easily maintain specified tolerance limits. This significantly improves process quality and ensures that industrial robots can be used with ease.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding of our customers' requirements and have optimized our systems specifically for body shop applications. 

Our body shop solutions are supported by our brands:

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Inline / Atline / Offline-Gauging

Perceptron Industrial Metrology Body Shop Solution

Perceptron Industrial Metrology solution for the automotive body shop enables you to contain, correct, verify, and control manufacturing quality immediately — on every part — at full production speed without removing the part from your manufacturing process.

High-volume, complex manufacturing processes can change quickly and unexpectedly. By containing problems when they occur, and accumulating data on every part, you can proactively detect and monitor production trends before they hit the crisis stage or cause downtime.

Our solutions can be installed inline, atline or offline to meet your measurement requirements.

These solutions are supported by our brand:

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Reduce process variation

Improve production quality

Shorten product launch times

Lower manufacturing costs

Features, typical defects and technical data

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances (GD&T) Reporting

  • Accuracy Traceability to ISO10360 Standards

  • Export & Import data to other devices

  • IP67 Sensor Technology 

Typical defects

  • Holes & slots

  • Surfaces 

  • Threaded studs

  • Feature relationships 

Technical data

  • Robotic or structure mounting options

  • Supports all robot brands

  • Measurements in 2.5 secs 

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Car Position Measurement


Robots in the production can only complete their task accurately with a reliable detection of the car body position in the cell.

The ISRA VISION Car Position Measurement (CAPMES) system is the industry standard on the market: it is easy to set up and ensures reliable, precise 3D recognition of the body position and orientation in stop & go operation or line tracking in the cell based on a combination of multiple cameras directed at certain features of the car body (e.g. holes, edges, corners) from various directions.

The 3D position of the body detected by the system is used to provide the off-set data to guide robots accurately in a downstream processing step. As a result, car body tolerances and mechanical position deviations can be compensated perfectly and a wide range of car body types can be accommodated on a single line.


Fast and precise measurement of car body position for accurate robot guidance

Full flexibility for handling multiple car types in single production line

Reduced cycle time compared to mechanical fitting systems

Reliable function even under harsh conditions with built-in redundancies

Maximum uptime with automatic failed measurement recovery of alternate feature allowance

Features and technical data

  • Reliable feature detection with HDR image capturing

  • Automatic calibration check and recalibration

  • Easy-to-use software with graphical user interface

  • Stop & go operation or line tracking  

  • Compatible with all common robot types

Technical data
  • Measuring time < 1 s with 4 cameras

  • Typical measuring accuracy of more than +/- 1 mm

  • Protection flaps for camera and lamps

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Pick & Place, Depalletizing


Optimize production efficiency while reducing costs: ISRA provides process-integrated solutions for contact-free identification, location recognition, and high-precision joining and monitoring of components throughout the process chain. 

Compatible with all common robot types, ISRA’s flexible robot guidance systems ensure reliable production processes and automation for enhanced efficiency. The sensors are designed especially for the harsh production environment, withstanding shocks, acceleration, and contamination. 

When part geometries are changed or new components integrated, for example, new component shapes can be configured in just a few hours. This allows the systems to deliver excellent process reliability.


Excellent process reliability

Reliable production processes

Ready to use in hours with any robot

Online-Teaching for a quick and easy handling of system during operation without loss of production time

Full flexibility for handling different kind of parts

Easy-to-use software with graphical user interface

Features and technical data

  • Detection of all visible objects using trained contours

  • Intuitive user interface and can be used without any expert knowledge

  • New component shapes can be configured in just a few hours

  • Compatible with all common robot types 

  • Suitable for stationary and robot mounting

Technical data
  • Image acquisition and calculation < 0.5 sec

  • Obtains accurate data with measurement accuracies of +/- 0.5 mm in X, Y (Std. resolution)

  • Efficient object position determination in 4 degrees = x, y, z and Rz

  • High flexibility with measurement distances from 2000mm to 4000mm 

  • Low space requirements and ease of integration in confined spaces

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Bead & Seam Inspection

RTVision 3d bead inspection on car body

When it comes to safety, the structural bonding of the car body is crucial. 

Quiss bead inspection systems reliably detect interruptions, faulty geometry, or position deviations -– directly inline or offline, depending on the application and requirements. The systems are perfectly coordinated and integrated into your line with optimized cycle times. The result is 100% production quality. Rework and scrap can be significantly reduced. 

Automated bead repair is available for all RTVision sensors. During application, the bead is accurately measured, and any gaps are reported to the application or robot control system. In a second pass, these gaps are closed -– accurately, without overlap and unwanted extra application.

These solutions are supported by our brand:

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Higher production quality

Lower your total cost of ownership: Save costs and adhesive material by reducing rework and scrap parts

Increased productivity with automated bead repair

Features, Typical defects and technical data

  • Inspection of all conventional adhesive and sealant application types and colors​

  • Inspection of the continuity, width, position, and height of adhesive applications

  • Stationary or gripper-integrated inspection

  • Easy to retrofit in existing systems​ 

  • Different system versions available depending on available space and application

Typical defects

  • Gaps

  • Width deviations

  • Position deviations

  • Height deviations 

Technical data
  • Accuracy in gaps: ± 0.5 mm

  • Accuracy in position: ± 0.1 mm

  • Accuracy in width: ± 0.1 mm

Best Fit Joining Processes

To achieve perfect results in complex manufacturing processes, robots and components must be optimally aligned. At the same time, process continuity is essential, even in difficult environments and conditions, with various car types in the same line. 

The SHAPEMATCH3D sensor system determines the position and orientation of surfaces of any shape. The robot path is adjusted according to the detected deviations. Mechanical position deviations can be perfectly compensated, allowing a wide range of car types to be produced on a single line. 

Through its versatile software functions, the cost-effective automation solution can be integrated into existing systems with little effort, regardless of the robot manufacturer and model.


Ensure process continuity: stable, robust, and fast robot guidance for constant and continuous processes

Full flexibility: Handle multiple car types in the same line

Compensate position deviations with 100% reliable component alignment

Save costs & resources with low installation and maintenance efforts

Features and technical data

  • Mobile and stationary robot guidance for door insertion

  • Flexible use for “stop & go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing

  • Robust construction suitable for robot mounting and rough conditions

  • 1 to n sensor combinations for any part sizes and geometries 

  • Works in all ambient light conditions

  • Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers

Technical data
  • Measurement time: typ. <250ms

  • Repeatability: < ±0.02 mm​

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Forming and Piercing

Form And Pierce

The system enables high-precision forming and piercing operations by measuring customer-specific features such as holes, edges, corners, surfaces, etc. of the vehicle to provide the corresponding robot offsets. Just before the robot performs the forming and piercing process, its position can be determined with high accuracy and corrected if necessary to achieve maximum process accuracy.


Reliable results with high precision

Works in all ambient light conditions

Short set-up times: Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers

Features and technical data

  • Product reference for robot vision tasks

  • Flexible use for “stop & go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing

  • Robust construction suitable for robot mounting and rough conditions

  • 1 to n sensor combinations for any part sizes and geometries 

  • Protection flaps for sensor

  • Welding protection glasses

Technical data
  • Typical measuring time of 250 ms or less

  • Accuracy of 0.2 mm

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Parts Positioning


Process-integrated measurement of customer-specific features such as holes, edges, corners, surfaces, etc. of the vehicle and determination of corresponding robot offsets: The system is suitable for managing a wide range of downstream production steps such as welding, soldering, riveting, stamping, joining, etc.

The precise pick-and-place process protects the component and the car body, prevents them from being damaged, and ensures correct placement in the defined position.


Optimum position detection for flexible, high-precision robot guidance

Compensation of mechanical position deviations

Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers

Simple-to-use software

Features and technical data

  • Precise 3D robot guidance with minimum material usage

  • Highly flexible system configuration to any customer requirements

  • Wide spectrum of volumes covered, from a few mm³ to several m³

  • System set ups for “stop & go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing 

Technical data
  • SHAPEMATCH3D or MONO3D system

  • Typical measuring time of 250 ms or less for SHAPEMATCH3D

  • Accuracy of 0.2 mm for SHAPEMATCH3D 

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Gap & Flush

The fit and finish of a vehicle start in the body shop. Taking consistent and accurate gap and flush measurements on every car you manufacture allows you to identify and address alignment issues and reduce the likelihood of costly recalls or customer complaints due to road, wind noise, door closing effort, gas millage, and water leaks. 

Overall, measuring fit and finish is an essential part of your manufacturing process to ensure a high-quality product leaves the body shop.

These solutions are supported by our brand:

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Find problems faster to reduce costs with less labor, warranty, and scrap

Automated, objective measurements

Increase process efficiency with closed-loop feedback to automated panel loading stations

100% quality traceability


  • Non-contact measurement

  • Supports collaborative and industrial robots

  • Moving line or stop station configurations

  • Each gap & flush measurement is optimized with robot position and sensor orientation 

  • Can be combined with our automated panel loading station for two systems in one

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Production Analytics


Ensure that your quality standards are met: With comprehensive visualization, analysis, reporting, and alerting tools, IQ-VIS enables live monitoring of ongoing production. The database system collects, consolidates, aggregates, and analyzes all results from the various measurement systems throughout a production facility.

IQ-VIS is an intelligent toolbox for a wide range of users, such as maintenance, operations, and management. The client-server architecture allows data to be accessed both locally and across plants.

This makes production more transparent and allows emerging trends to be visualized in the shortest possible time. Negative influences on product quality can be addressed immediately before quality problems cause additional costs.


Control center function for real-time status visualization in the systems

Analysis function for conducting special comparisons, e.g. correlation analysis

Reporting function for automatically generating customer-specific reports


  • Optimized for the processing of in-line gauging results

  • Independent of sensors and robots

  • Data Base on a central server for all in-line gauging cells

  • Client programs can be run on a PC 

  • Access for numerous users

Customer service & training


For the efficient and future-proof operation of your production systems our highly qualified service teams support you globally in all matters. We provide the implementation, maintenance and servicing as well as the analysis and optimization of your systems - quickly, reliably, 24/7. 

Visit our service center and request your customized service solution. 

Furthermore, learn in the ISRA VISION Academy how our competent trainers always keep your employees up to date with the latest knowledge so that system operators, product engineers and quality managers become real inspection experts.

Visit our ISRA VISION Academy and book your individual and scalable trainings.

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