Inspection solutions for the security industry

  • 100 % defect detection on security paper, security foil and on all applied security elements
  • Outstanding inspection at highest processing speeds
  • Reliable real-time classification
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Select an inspection area for highest quality standards of security substrates and printing

Recent inspection applications

The BankSTAR product portfolio is constantly enhanced with innovative solution offering 100% defect detection for a wide range of applications, from hologram inspection and security thread inspection to paper/substrate inspection. Learn more about the latest security substrates und printing inspections.

Learn more about our recent inspection solutions.

Security Paper

Deliver flawless security paper that meets the high demands of your customers. 

The inspection solutions in our BankSTAR product family allow you to continuously monitor paper throughout the production process. They check the substrate for defects and ensure that all security elements are faultless. By detecting defects early on in the process, the systems prevent defective material from being processed further and make production more efficient. 

Learn more about our security paper solutions.

Security Printing

Meet the high requirements and increase the efficiency of your production in security and high-security printing.  

ISRA VISION offers seamless quality monitoring throughout the entire production process. Our high-quality web inspection and defect detection systems support all known processes in security printing and take their special features into account when inspecting the printed image.  

Learn more about our security printing solutions.

Security Features

BankSTAR Holo was developed specifically for the unique challenges in the production of foils with holographic features and motion effects. BankSTAR detects all defects early on, preventing damaged material from being further processed, incurring more expenses. At the same time, the system also provide valuable data for optimizing products and processes. 

BankSTAR Holo offers inspection solutions tailored tothe unique requirements of embossing, printing and demetallization. 

Learn more about our security features solutions.

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