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ISRA offers university graduates a diverse and innovative environment where you can develop your talents and shape your individual career path together with us. You will benefit from versatile career perspectives as well as numerous further training opportunities.

Our employees are the most important aspect of our company. Work-life balance is therefore a top priority for us. Discover what else makes us a great employer and help us achieve sustainable results that are beneficial from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

About us

During the manufacturing of a product, defects are possible between all stages of production. These can have a significant negative impact on the quality of the end product or even render the product unusable. The result for the manufacturer is scrap and increased costs. 

In order to make production both more sustainable and more cost-effective for customers worldwide, we help to detect defects at an early stage through surface inspection, ensure quality and thus secure our customers' competitive edge.

As a leading company in digital image processing, ISRA VISION supports numerous industries:

  • Automotive: From highly automated surface and paint inspection to robot-based AI applications.
  • Smartphones and tablets: End-to-end process and quality control from raw glass production through films and foils to complete displays for mobile devices.
  • Solar and photovoltaic industry: Defects at edges, in the coating or in the glass: Defective material is sorted out as early as possible and additional costs are avoided.
  • Semiconductor industry: Our inspection systems are used for high-precision detection of microcracks, e.g. in wafers or microchips, and significantly increase production capacity.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry is an industry with the highest demands on quality. We supply safety-related inspection systems to ensure flawless processes and product packaging.
  • Hygiene products: From baby diapers to medical masks. Our inspection systems help ensure quality, safety and convenience.

In addition, our inspection systems are used in many other industries such as metal, glass, composites, print and paper.

Your benefits as an employee with us

  • Meaningful occupation
    With our future-oriented applications, we make a decisive contribution to the topic of sustainability. This includes saving finite resources and continuously optimizing process chains.
  • Personal development
    Your personal development is important to us. Our learning platforms and individual training plans provide you with optimal support for your personal and professional development. 
  • Global Team Play
    With more than 1,000 employees at 25 locations, ISRA VISION is one of the fast-growing global players in the future-oriented industry. We offer you the opportunity to work independently in dedicated, international teams.
  • Innovative products
    We combine hardware and software solutions, research and develop breakthrough products as well as applications ranging from deep learning to robotics.
  • Future-proof
    As a high-growth industrial company, our applications are found in many future-oriented industries worldwide. The strong diversification of our products reduces the company's exposure to crises and ensures secure jobs in the long term.
  • Active contribution
    Every individual has the opportunity to actively shape the future.
  • Work Life Balance
    Our employees are always at the center of our attention. That's why we emphasize a work-life balance in which family, leisure and career can be reconciled. As part of this, we offer flexible working time models and 30 days of vacation.
  • Corporate benefits
    Our job bike, free drinks or our employee benefits program: You benefit from numerous offers for your everyday work and your free time.
  • Your health
    The health of our employees is very important to us. That's why we offer comprehensive health and preventive care programs as well as regular vaccinations.

Human Resources / Recruiting

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