Surface inspection and quality management for the metal industry

  • Complete range of surface inspection systems
  • Full quality monitoring at full production speeds with high-efficient classification
  • Easy to integrate at every production step
  • Yield optimization for metal production lines
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Select an inspection area in metal fabrication


Surface quality inspection and yield management solutions anticipate steel quality and predict future maintenance cycles and production processes.

The latest SURFACE MASTER generation reliably identifies and classifies all relevant surface defects at any production speed. Detecting all relevant defects, the system delivers immediate information about optimization options at every stage of the process.

Leading-edge sensor technology guarantees accurate quality classification to make validated decisions about further material processing.

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Aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals

Complete process optimization and maximize yield on every line.

Automatic optical surface inspection technology identifies even low-contrast defects at all production steps. It delivers excellent detection performance, even when faced with varying material finishes and structured surfaces.

The combination of sensors and specialized illumination technologies, whose parameters can be adjusted to meet specific application requirements, make it possible. High-quality defect data allows users to subsequently pinpoint the causes of defects.

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