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Highest Accuracy for Robotic Measurement

AccuSite is a robust optical tracking option for industrial metrology solutions. This industry-proven technology cancels out the influence of the robot and provides the most accurate robotic measurement solution available for the plant floor. Inspect parts within minutes, significantly increasing your part inspection throughput compared to ring gauges, CMMs, and manual tools.  

The correlation-free solution built for the production floor is traceable to industry-accepted performance metrics per the DIN/ISO 10360-8 standard. AccuSite determines the sensor position in less than 0.1 seconds. The AccuSite and HelixHD combination gauges your part within seconds and minutes, compared to hours transporting parts out of the line and into the quality room. 

Complementing your Perceptron metrology solution with AccuSite turns any industrial robot into a simple mover, eliminating mechanical drift and temperature influences from measurement results. As the HelixHD sensor scans the part features, the AccuSite receiver locates the emitters attached to the sensor and records their exact location and orientation in space.

AccuSite solutions are powered by

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  • Engineered for the plant floor
  • Multiple configurations
  • Supports industrial robots
  • Large coverage area
  • Traceable to industry standards

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The high-precision robotic measurement solution AccuSite significantly the throughput in industrial metrology and precision robot guidance applications.
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