3D position detection of the car body position in the cell

Full flexibility for handling multiple car types in same line

Stop-and-go operation or line-tracking in cell

Measurement time < 1 s with 4 cameras

Typical measuring accuracy: ± 0.5 mm

Automatic calibration check and recalibration

Reliable function even under harsh conditions with built-in redundancies

Maximum uptime with automatic failed measurement recovery of alternate feature allowance

Product reference for robot vision tasks

Reliable feature detection with HDR image capturing

Protection flaps for camera and lamps

Easy-to-use software with graphical user interface

3D position detection for precise and flexible acquisition of the car body position in the cell

Designed for high-precision body position detection, the CAPMES System is based on a combination of multiple cameras directed at certain features of the car body (e.g. holes, edges, corners) from various directions.

The 3D position of the body detected by the system is used to provide the off-set data to guide robots accurately in a downstream processing step. As a result, car body tolerances and mechanical position deviations can be compensated perfectly and a wide range of car body types can be accommodated on a single line.

Proven in thousands of applications, the robust system is designed for use in demanding production environments and is the standard in the automotive industry.

CAPMES boasts an intuitive user interface that allows operation without expert knowledge. This also enables easy system analysis. Further, CAPMES allows operators to set up new car bodies in the system in a matter of hours. Compatible with all common robot types, CAPMES paves the way for increasing efficiency through automation and reliable production processes. 


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