Helix HD

Non-contact laser triangulation sensors

Helix HD solutions are powered by

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Reliable measurement of complex features

Available in multiple standoffs

Robot or structure mounting options

Single cable connectivity via Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Optimized acquisition speed and multi-scan feature

Factory calibrated and rectified

3D scanning sensor optimized for in-line measurement

The HelixHD is the newest update to Perceptron’s Helix family of plant floor metrology sensors. The best-in-class scan acquisition improves point cloud quality and measurement repeatability significantly. Whether the root cause of your quality challenge comes from your assembly or stamping process, HelixHD provides the data you need for a quick resolution.

The HelixHD sensor family utilizes the latest optical and laser technologies to provide pristine measurement data on the most demanding materials, such as machined steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, sheet metal, and painted surfaces. With its IP67 rating (dust-tight, immune to temporary water immersion), the rugged sensor housing offers reliable protection against the adverse conditions of an industrial production line.  


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