Detection and classification of all relevant paint defects on painted parts

Robot guided inspection of highly complex part geometries

High flexibility for part shapes and sizes

Defect detection: ≥ 0.15 mm

Defect detection rate: > 98,5% for topographical and non-topographical defects

Real-time production monitoring & process control

Automated surface inspection of painted attachment parts

Cosmetic defects such as scratches or orange peels on front and rear bumpers, cover panels, B-pillars, or sunroofs are very quickly noticed by the human eye but are an enormous challenge for automated quality assurance. 

PAINTSCAN Compact inspects painted add-on car parts and delivers reliable results in step with your production process. This ensures objective and consistent automated quality control even for car attachment parts with numerous variants and complex shapes. The objective quality inspection enables seamless defect detection, classification, and evaluation to identify sources of interference. Defects in the painting process can be detected and eliminated considerably earlier thanks to the automated inspection system; this creates optimum conditions for flawless painting.

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Automotive Tier 1

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