Precise robot guidance for high-quality fully automated cosmetic sealing processes.

High precision of the application ensures maximum productivity and can fulfill the high demands in function, quality, and aesthetic

Automated application of beads without having to precisely position and fix the components saves precious cycle time in production

Flexibility to add new models into the line

Automated teaching process reduces onsite commissioning and the integration time for new parts

Reduced preventive maintenance requirements

Robot speed during measurement of approx. 600mm/s possible

Tool/Nozzle inspection with high precision ensures that no defective applicators are used which could damage car body

High speed image processing on integrated FPGA

Measurement time (e.g. door): 6 s

Accuracy: ± 0.2 mm (incl. robot)

Precise 3D robot guidance for cosmetic sealer applications

The highly flexible 3D robot guidance sensor allows the precise guidance of the robot performing the time-consuming sealing process for roofs, doors, hoods and flaps fully automatically. The result is consistent quality, especially for all relevant visible seams. 

The ccompact Q-GAGE3D sensor is mounted on the robot and sensor is moved along the gap of the tailgate and several measurements are captured. The sensor system determines the position and orientation of car body parts for the application of fine and visible seam. The sensor provides the position deviations it detects to the robot for accurate guidance of the seam application. An additional gap check can be integrated prior to applicating the seam to further ensure the precise process.

Optional extras include high-precision inspection of the applicator to correct TCP of the applicator.

Experience Q-GAGE3D in your application.

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