Determine the position and orientation of objects using identifiable features

Stationary or robot-mounted

Flexible use for “stop&go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing

Reliable detection of any surface features

Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers

Measuring volume of up to 190 x 130 x 120 mm

Accuracy of 0.2 mm

Fast and precise position detection for optimal robot control

The STEREO3D sensor system determines the position and orientation of objects using identifiable features such as holes. The position deviations it detects are used to guide robots accurately in downstream processing steps. As a result, mechanical position deviations can be compensated perfectly. Furthermore, a wide range of product types on a single line can be accommodated.

The STEREO3D sensors are equipped with two cameras and integrated LED illumination, offering measurement accuracy in the submillimeter range. Depending on the application, multiple sensors can be combined as necessary.

Through its versatile software functions, the cost-effective automation solution can be integrated into existing systems with little effort, regardless of the robot manufacturer and model. The sensors are optimized to be mounted directly on the robot.

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