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From plant operator to inspection expert with the ISRA VISION Academy

 If your employees are at a state-of-the-art level of knowledge, you will benefit from the efficient deployment of your ISRA VISION machine vision systems. For further training, a wide range of training courses, e-learning, webinars and training videos are available at the ISRA VISION Academy. Our experienced trainers provide targeted information for a wide range of tasks. With training on ISRA VISION demo systems, system operators, product engineers and quality managers become competent inspection experts.

You will soon be able to take full advantage of the Knowledge Base (still under construction). Here you will find all training materials, can download technical documents, have unlimited access to our online document library and can book appointments to attend product presentations.

Hybrid learning: The choice is yours - Classroom training or E-learning

Hybrid learning formats enable you, at the Herten site, to attend training courses in person or remotely. This means that all training courses are available to you, even in the course of any travel restrictions that may still apply. Our trainers teach both groups of participants - live and online - simultaneously. Registration always includes both forms of participation, which you can choose at short notice.

Training courses at ISRA VISION ACADEMY

As part of our ISRA VISION ACADEMY, we offer regular training sessions for a variety of sectors and products at our training centers in Herten (Germany), Atlanta (USA), Seoul (Korea) and Shanghai (P.R. China). Held over several days by specially trained instructors, the training courses are tailored to the typical needs of system operators in terms of operation, configuration, and adaptation.

The class content includes, for example:

  • System overview and basic operation
  • Maintenance and replacement of components
  • Detection and classification of defects, product evaluation
  • System administration, maintenance, and optimization

Trainings for your product


SMASH training in German

  • 05.09.2023-07.09.2023
  • 05.12.2023-07.12.2023

SMASH training in English

  • 19.09.2023-21.09.2023
  • 12.12.2023-14.12.2023
  • 14.02.2023-16.02.2023

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Paper Master

Paper Master training in German

  • 21.08.2023-25.08.2023
  • 23.10.2023-27.10.2023


Paper Master training in English

  • 28.08.2023-01.09.2023
  • 27.11.2023-01.12.2023

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Surface Master

Surface Master training in German

  • 21.08.2023-25.08.2023
  • 23.10.2023-27.10.2023

Surface Master training in English

  • 28.08.2023-01.09.2023
  • 27.11.2023-01.12.2023

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PrintStar training in German

  • 21.11.2023-25.11.2023

PrintStar training in English

  • 14.11.2023-18.11.2023

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Coaching and individual training courses

ISRA VISION combines state-of-the-art training methods with individual consultation and specific system optimization. This ensures that all of your employees have access to system-specific coaching provided on site at your plant or in one of the training centers, depending on the training content and the customized training concept.

Based on the specific status of your project, we compile a customized training package that can include the following components:

  • Repetition and consolidation of the contents from the basic training course
  • Individual training sessions for system operators
  • Assessing of current situation and learning needs
  • System optimization

The training/consultation session is held by a highly experienced ISRA VISION employee or a certified ISRA VISION partner. This ensures that every question is answered, and you gain the maximum benefit from your training.

The training portfolio is geared towards experienced users with strong background knowledge gained in basic and/or advanced training courses offered by the ISRA VISION ACADEMY. We would be happy to compile a customized training and coaching program, taking your employees’ prior knowledge and your company’s requirements and objectives into consideration. 

ISRA VISION Academy - Germany

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