Founder and CEO Enis Ersü to retire from active professional life on June 30, 2021

One of the founding fathers of the German machine vision industry will enter a new stage of life as he is set to retire from his position as CEO of ISRA VISION AG by the end of June 2021 after 36 years.

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Reduzca los costes asociados a reclamaciones de clientes

Envases flexibles: reducción de costes del 80% con un sistema de inspección integral para el control de calidad

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Simplificación de la impresión en color y mejora de las velocidades de proceso

Nuevas funciones y posibilidades para sistemas de inspección de barnizado e impresión

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La función Advanced Hazing Detection detecta de manera fiable velos de color en film transparente

En uso en SÜDPACK: mucho más que un sistema estándar de inspección al 100% en línea

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Reliable 3D measurement process guarantees quality for high-grade injection-molded components

Form measurement and defect detection for glossy surfaces

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Achieve unprecedented process stability with complete production transparency: React immediately to pending problems and benefit from highest yields at the lowest cost

YieldViewer identifies and specifies process deviations in real time

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Reconocimiento de defectos al 100%: las funciones Multiview garantizan una inspección integral la producción de envases flexibles

Detección fiable de errores de producción invisibles como “hazing” o neblina, defectos en el recubrimiento de barniz o en el Cold Seal (sellado en frío).

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Central Recipe Tool with modification log, version control, recipe comparison and automatic recipe roll-out enables intelligent multi-line management

Ramp-up in record time: Simplify your photovoltaic wafer inspection with the Central Recipe Tool

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A clear matter: 100% quality control in flat glass production

For the production of coated glass products, Şişecam Trakya relies on fully automatic inspection with ISRA VISION P2 (PowerPlate) - Coating – thereby raising both customer satisfaction and efficiency

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Bin picking up to 60 parts per minute: Maximum speed thanks to optimum robot path planning and multi-pick function

Automatic calibration, one-click setup and scan-based teach-in ensure fast deployment