Located directly in front of the cutting tool of the cross cutter the system controls the ejection of defective sheets

Freely definable system corners and edges for every possible customer specification

Precise passport paper inspection through a range of freely definable note/page layouts on the sheet

Just one sheet layout definition for all unwinding variants (backwards, upside-down)

Measurement between two items on a note

Format check of cut sheets

Fully-automated quality assessment of finalized security paper sheets

BankSTAR CC is the most versatile and comprehensive system in the BankSTAR family. Featuring precision deflecting rollers, the inspection system is located directly in front of the cross-cutter’s blade, where it controls the ejection of defective sheets in the stacker.

The system is based on leading-edge technology and high-resolution, high-speed cameras. It precisely checks areas with no features, as well as watermarks, e-types, security threads, holographic items, iridescent print, and much more. All defects in the paper are reliably detected and classified, as are errors in the security elements and sheet geometry.

Guided by the defect classes and weightings detected, BankSTAR CC differentiates between good and defective sheets, as well as printed sheets whose further usage is to be decided upon later. This prevents sheets with deviations close to the tolerance limits from being rejected as waste right away. At the same time, the system automatically creates an audit-proof final report that documents every printed sheet.


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