BankSTAR Foil

Reliably check the print quality as well as colour shift effects, microtexts and other security elements

Inspection of color shift features is now possible

Tailored inspection solutions for all kinds of security foil (printed, metallized, etc.)

Extremely high resolution (≥ 0.025 mm), developed especially for superfine, high-precision printing of security foils

Integrated Rewind Manager for efficient waste management

Delivery of 100% documented quality to  customers

Perfect quality through seamless inspection of foil prints

The BankSTAR Foil inline surface inspection system can be used for a variety of security foils, as seen in banknotes, passports and other security related documents. It checks the print quality, color shift effects, microtexts and other security elements at maximum optical resolution.

Using high-resolution defect patterns, a variety of critical product areas can be monitored in real time. Users can then re-scan detected defects precisely using the Rewind Manager.

BankSTAR Foil detects defects in the production process early on. It guarantees immediate adjustment of the parameters, providing constant process monitoring. As a result, the system improves and increases production, boosting the manufacturer’s competitiveness. 


Experience MONO 3D in your application

Security features (Holography)

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