BankSTAR Holo Embossing

Complete surface inspection of the embossed hologram lacquer

Single system with a unique combination of features for inspecting holographic foils

Monitoring of Diffraction Efficiency

Monitoring of transversal stretch

High contrast imaging of embossing on clear foil

Integrated Rewind Manager for efficient waste management

Seamless surface inspection for flawless downstream processes 

BankSTAR Holo Embossing is part of the BankSTAR product family – a series of highly-specialized inspection systems for all steps in the holographic foil manufacturing process.

Based on unique inspection and measurement algorithms, combined with special wide-angle holo-illumination, the system provides seamless surface inspection of the holographic varnish with its embossed optical grid. It also measures the diffraction efficiency in order to ensure flawless downstream processes and end product quality.

The Rewind Manager can be used to remove defective material accurately, so that only flawless foil is transferred to the downstream finishing stages. At the same time, BankSTAR Holo Embossing provides valuable information about the production process and the condition of the tools. By detecting and reporting defects immediately as they arise, the system enables users to optimize production by adjusting parameters during the process.


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Security features (Holography)

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