BankSTAR Holo Final

Precisely detect and report de-metallization defects and other flaws

Inspection of uncut holographic foils

Detection of all defects, i.e. Etching quality, pinholes, streaks, embossing defects, registration etc.

Quality assurance of the end product

Less training needed due to standardized user interface in all production stages of holographic foils

Reliable detection of de-metallization defects

BankSTAR Holo Final precisely detects and reports de-metallization defects and other flaws with a camera and illumination arrangement that is perfectly tailored to this production step. The optical configuration and software evaluation are precisely adjusted to the final hologram inspection, so that they can detect even low-contrast streaks and scratches in machine direction.

The Rewind Manager removes defective material accurately, so that only flawless foil is transferred to downstream processing stages. At the same time, BankSTAR Holo Final provides valuable information about the production process and the condition of the tools. As it detects and reports defects immediately as they arise, the system enables users to optimize production by adjusting parameters during the process.

Its flexible configuration allows BankSTAR Holo Final to be used both in final hologram inspection and in other steps, such as two-sided inspection in a thread cutter that cuts various security foils. For this waste management application, the system is an attractive alternative to the standard BankSTAR Rewind Manager.


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Security features (Holography)

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