BankSTAR Holo Print

Specially designed for mask printing and checks for local defects in the embossing of the optical grid

Mask printing inspection

Detection of all print defects, i.e. streaks and spot

Registration between Hologram and Print

Complete surface inspection of mask printing for outstanding end product quality

The BankSTAR Holo Print from the BankSTAR Holo product family is specially designed for mask printing. Various optical configurations are possible in the camera and illumination arrangement. These check for local defects in the embossing of the optical grid and mask printing, while the system also provides precise measurement data about their relative positions.

The Rewind Manager removes defective material accurately, so that only flawless foil is transferred to downstream finishing stages. Since it detects and reports defects immediately as they arise, the system enables users to optimize production by adjusting the parameters during the process.


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Security features (Holography)

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