Ensuring that foil applications and all other security elements are free of defects

Freely definable system corners and edges for every possible customer requirement

Precise paper inspection through multiple freely definable sheet layouts per sieves 

Inspection and measurement of rear-side foils, paper windows and multi-tonal watermarks

Measurements between two items on a note

100% inspection of finishing elements for a flawless appearance

ISRA has developed BankSTAR OV to inspect all elements applied during finishing. The system is available in countless configurations, which can be adjusted to a wide range of applied features and combined in any way suitable.

Through seamless monitoring, the inspection system ensures that foil applications and all other security elements are free of defects. It measures the exact position of glossy and primer prints, holographic strips or patches, OVD prints, punched windows and rear-side foils.

At the same time, it also checks the paper’s appearance. With its high-precision optics and image processing technology, BankSTAR OV can detect even the tiniest defects in security features. To prevent defective material from being processed further, the system compares the detected deviations with the individually defined tolerances and alerts the user if they exceed them. 


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