Suitable for all standard printing processes and all substrates in security printing

Tailored inspection solutions for all printing processes, substrates and security features in security printing

Extremely high optical resolutions at high speeds as a result of ISRA’s own embedded cams with embedded processors

Early detection of extremely low-contrast streaks or scratches using ASD+

Delivery of 100% documented quality to customers

Best quality control to meet the highest security standards at each production step

Individual inspection of all printing processes for paramount security and documented quality

BankSTAR PR monitors precise printing from one printing machine to another to a fraction of a millimeter and across all known processes. The inline systems takes into account the specific features of each printing process.

Furthermore, the inspection algorithm enables low-contrast streaks and scratches to be detected early, even when they are narrower than the registration tolerance. Simultaneously, the system can perform a color measurement in both full tone and halftone ranges.

BankSTAR PR detects deviations immediately, allowing users to determine their causes and correct them within the printing process. Its unique versatility makes the system suitable for all standard printing processes, both sheet-fed and roll-to-roll. It can be used on all substrates used in security printing, such as paper, polymer and hybrid. 


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