Inspection of security paper during its formation in the wet section

Inspection of security thread orientation (flipped thread detection)

Examination of the security thread’s elongation and position

Check that the correct thread was inserted (correct currency)

Non-linear sheet dimensions in a web taken into account

Configurable overviews of security thread defects and sheet dimensions along the entire web

Real-time defect classification for immediate corrective measures in the wet section

To achieve a flawless end product, BankSTAR WS inspects the security paper during its formation in the wet section of the paper machine.

The inspection focuses on correct embedding of registered and non-registered security threads. The surface inspection system detects and classifies even the tiniest defects and deviations, allowing users to take corrective measures right away. BankSTAR WS also offers high-precision optical elongation measurement of the added threads according to central bank specifications.

To make processes more transparent and enable manufacturers to monitor every stage of production, the system documents paper production from the very first manufacturing step. The data generated is then made available to downstream processes. This applies in particular to the downstream BankSTAR PM inspection system in the dry section of the paper machine.


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