Automatic defect detection on blanks of any shape

Enables reliable surface inspection in blanking lines

Best detection performance with excellent image processing performance

Avoids unnecessary quality downgrades

Yield optimization through precise process and product analysis

Ensures highest delivery quality

Enabling automated defect detection on blanks of any shape

For the first time, the all new BLANKING MASTER is able to precisely detect and classify surface defects on blanking parts.  The illumination from two sides, transmission for contour shape recognition and reflection for defect recognition, enables defect detection just within the mold. An initially preconfigured and at the same time adaptive software reliably detects and classifies all defects such as scratches, roll impressions, and scores. Surface inspection after cutting the preforms reduces costs and increases yield: Information of the actual quality of the product avoids unnecessary safety downgrades.

A BLANKING MASTER system usually pays for itself within weeks.


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