Detection and classification of all relevant paint defects on car body surfaces

Stop-and-go operation or line-tracking in cell

Inspection time: 50-70 s for full car body

Defect detection: 0.15 mm

98,5% for topographical and non-topographical defects

Real-time production monitoring & process control

Vibration-resistant inspection technology for cost-efficient installations

Most flexible system for all car bodies

Improved process optimization with 100% classification performance

Fully automatic robot path planning

Fully automatic defect marking unit available as an option

CarPaintVision - Fully-automated inspection of painted surfaces

The CarPaintVision surface inspection system detects and classifies all relevant surface defects on the painted surfaces of a car body. Inspection does not change existing cycle time and can be implemented as a stop & go or on the fly operation.

The modular system consists of the PAINTSCAN inspection sensors with integrated analysis units for inspecting the entire vehicle surface. Several LED-based high-speed illumination processes and multi-level image processing algorithms arranged in series ensure that the surface is sampled multiple times. This significantly increases the robustness and minimizes the number of pseudo or false positive defects.

Once successfully detected, all quality-related surface defects, such as dents, scratches and inclusions, are classified using proven algorithms and according to the individual customer’s specifications.

A downstream station can automatically mark the detected defects for reworking or even rework them directly. CarPaintVision is suitable both for new paint shops and for retrofitting in existing ones. 


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