Coating inspection for metal sheets

Constant monitoring of coating quality, sheet margins, welding areas at a glance

Defect sheet marker signal: for mechanical marking of defect coated sheets

Adjustable region sensitivity: Individual sensitivity settings

Advanced sheet movement compensation

Scroll-sheet detection

Identification and removal of defect sheets while processing the raw material

The inline inspection system CoatSTAR maintains very high-quality standards, required in industries such as food packaging, and ensures that only flawlessly coated sheets will be processed in the printing press. Through its high form-fit with a vast degree of freedom, it fits any machine and is the most widely used system in the metal decorating industry.

CoatSTAR increases the throughput of high-quality products in metal packaging coating production right from the start. Defective sheets will be identified early and removed from production in the raw material processing phase. This leads to a cost-saving effect since flawed material will not reach the print process.

Additionally, the system provides complete documentation of the inspection results. Coating quality, plate edges, and weld areas data will automatically be recorded during the entire production process to improve workflow efficiency. The collected data can then be further used for either internal process analysis or as proof for the customer.


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