Inline inspection of printed metal packaging

Integrated data mining and reporting tools for process and quality decisions

Inline color monitoring for Delta E or LAB

Inline edge control for permanent inspection of position accuracy

Automatic repition of color measurement bars

Automatic repetition of Color Measurement bars

Quality Control in Metal Decorating Industry

DecoSTAR is an inline inspection system to ensure 100% quality control for metal printing on steel and aluminum sheets. Using a high-efficiency LED illumination the system reliably identifies color deviations as well as edge and material defects. Through its high form-fit with a vast degree of freedom, it fits any machine in the market.

An automated report of serial defects to the operator ensures an immediate fault alert and so shortens the lifetime of a defect. This leads to a cost-saving effect on production since waste will be reduced and therefore the yield will be increased. It also provides an integrated inline color monitoring delta to ensure the optimal print results.

Additionally, DecoSTAR features an intuitive multi touch user interface for an easy configuration and fast setup of new tasks, helping to improve workflow efficiency significantly.


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Metal Sheet Decoration

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