Print control for digitally printed corrugated board

Inline inspection for digitally printed corrugated board

The DigiSTAR products are inline inspection systems that have been specially developed for the inspection of corrugated board printed using the digital printing process.

DigiSTAR R was designed for inspection in the roll-to-roll production process, while DigiSTAR S is used for defect detection in the sheet-fed process.

The inspection systems detect typical printing defects such as splashes, impurities, streaks, color deviations or register errors during the printing process. Barcodes and QR codes with variable content are checked for legibility. In this way, the inspection ensures that the codes are correct and work properly. Thanks to the software specially developed for inspecting digital printing, they also find the errors typical of this printing technology, such as fine nozzle streaks caused by clogged nozzles or hard-to-detect defects such as banding.

Even before printing, the systems compare the future print image with an approved PDF. The operator immediately recognizes whether printing plates are defective or incorrectly inserted, for example. This prevents waste before the actual printing process begins.

A specially developed defect classifier tool ensures that relevant and non-relevant defects are separated during the printing process in order to optimally meet individual customer requirements. Not every defect is a reject. Classification therefore contributes to an increase in saleable goods.

Thanks to the LiveSheet or LiveWebView function, the machine operator can view the print image currently being inspected on a separate monitor during the printing process and thus observe the printing process in detail.

In the roll-to-roll process, DigiSTAR R is able to simultaneously inspect adjacent print image repeats despite their different lengths. This means that the full web width can be printed but also inspected 100% inline.

In addition, the DigiSTAR systems generate a comprehensive job report with all events, diagrams and error galleries, which protects the user from unjustified complaints. Thanks to the high value of corrugated board, the system pays for itself quickly and strengthens the market position of the company's sales and marketing activities.

  • Substrate compensation to avoid false alarms
  • Order management for different quality levels; adjustable quality parameters
  • Inspection of multiple panels with different repeat lengths in the roll-to-roll process
  • Verification of the correct print job and inspection of the printing plates
  • Error classification tools
  • Checking the legibility of static and variable bar & QR codes
  • LiveSheetView/LiveWebView: display of the currently inspected print image on a separate monitor 
  • Automatic ejection of defective sheets using the sheet-fed method
  • Detailed reporting of defects for further processing

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Corrugated packaging

Benefit from 100% quality control for digitally printed corrugated board. Reduce waste and increase yield with DigiSTAR inline inspection systems.

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