100% wafer edge inspection and reliable defect detection

Increased uptime: Minimize wafer breakage during processing

Customized, seamless integration into wafer handling solutions

Wafer edge inspection in parallel to other process steps - no influence on existing cycle times with scan speed up to 130°/sec

Inspection of the wafer edge from three perspectives

Ideal supplement to CrackScan or WafQScan

Optional notch inspection

Wafer edge inspection from three perspectives

Wafer breakage during the polishing process can lead to long machine downtimes and thus to high costs. The damage often results from edge defects such as chippings, scratches, or micro-cracks at the wafer edge.

The EdgeScan inspection tool enables 100% inspection of the wafer edge. Integrated on the pre-aligner, the sensor creates a triple view of the edge with just one camera. 

The system reliably detects defects such as chippings, scratches, grinding marks, and other residues, even in the micrometer range. 
Easy integration as an optional expansion

EdgeScan can be integrated into the WafQScan and CrackScan inspection tools as an optional expansion.

This combination enables detailed wafer inspection, including inspection of the front and rear sides as well as the wafer edges, all in just one system. EdgeScan can be used in both front-end and back-end processes.

Defective wafers are ejected early on before they reach subsequent processes, resulting in a significant increase in production capacity.


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