Integrated software solution for data-driven decision making

Potential in your production data

EPROMI makes the manifold potentials hidden in your production data available at your finger tips and helps you to derive economic decisions along your value chain. Our platform collects and aggregates data from one or multiple inspection systems as well as other sources and presents it through intuitive dashboards featuring a variety of visualizations.

One solution for all data driven applications

For each industry EPROMI is supplied with a set of application specific preconfigured dashboards, ensuring a quick and seamless setup. To meet your unique requirements dashboards can easily be adapted or customized according to a specific need or use case. 

Available solutions include live dashboards that provide real-time data updates and allow you to monitor your systems and produced quality. Additionally, analytics dashboards display processed data and enable you to analyze historical trends, discover patterns or create reports.

Your benefits

Real-time Visibility: Gain instant access to live data, monitor production processes and identify issues as they occur

Historical Insights: Analyze past production data to uncover hidden trends or patterns, and optimize the process

Scalability: Integrate additional systems, production lines and sites

Predictive Analytics: Leverage AI-powered predictive capabilities to anticipate future trends, and maximize output

Key features

  • Simple & self-explanatory user interface
  • Browser based solution, no client software required 
  • Live status or reports available from anywhere
  • Threshold management and automatic alarming
  • Easy integration of third party data


Take advantage of EPROMI in your application

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