Management software for recording and visualization of data

Entire process line available online at a glance

Optimized for inline gauging applications

High-performance analysis of quality data

Real-time visualization and analysis of production

Control center, analysis and reporting modules available

IQ VIS - visualization and analysis of production processes in real time

Our intelligent, comprehensive software IQ-VIS offers you uninterrupted quality management of your process and measurement data, either as a separate software solution or in combination with the in-line gauging technology package. Production line problems are recognized immediately and can be corrected before costs for defects and waste are incurred. Detailed evaluations and statistics assist you during the analysis of process capability and process optimization. Complete online, in-line monitoring, visualizing, analyzing and optimizing – of local measurement cells, for all production lines and each vehicle per plant with local and global access – it aids in recognizing deviations and variations. 

IQ-VIS ensures with its extensive visualization, analysis, reporting and alert tools the desired quality standards of the production.

Experience IQ-VIS in your application.

Automotive Body Shop

Automotive Paint Shop

Automotive Final Assembly

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