LUMI-Q String

Photoluminescence inspection for solar strings

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Detection of all electrical & material defects: Microcracks, soldering defects, insulated areas, scratches, stains, electrical cell mismatch

Detection of all geometrical defects: ribbon misalignment, ribbon kink/cell shifting, string properties/geometry

Seamless integration without additional footprint (retrofit-ready)

Laser free – no safety class

Fab data management with central recipe management and comprehensive data reporting

On-the-fly measurement

Even for wafer sizes >210 mm

No contacting: less additional parts (wear) and cell damage risk

Improve string quality to optimize module efficiency

Photoluminescence (PL) inspection stimulates photon emission by illuminating cells with specific wavelengths, revealing critical information about material integrity and electrical properties. LUMI-Q String, ISRA VISION’s PL inspection system, seamlessly integrated into the stringer outlet, works without laser while guaranteeing comprehensive defect identification and classification.

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