Sensor system for automated wheel mounting application

100% reliable automated wheel mounting with 3D robot guidance

All typical wheel types, brake discs and hubs can be accommodated (brake disc with or without bolts)​

Suitable for stationary and robot mounting​

Stop-and-go operation or line-tracking in cell​

Accuracy: < 0.2 mm ​

Measurement time: < 2 s

Automated robot guided assembly of wheels to car body with highest precision and process reliability

Automatically mounting wheels in the correct position during continuous operation – not just on stationary, but also on moving car bodies – is a particularly difficult task and requires the highest precision and process reliability.

In order to guide and position the robots, the MiniPICK3D system measures the position of the hub of the wheel in 3-D and calculates the exact position of the mounting points. The robot then uses this data to mount the wheels with its tool. The 3D-robot guidance system for nut-pickup, wheel-pickup and alignment of wheel and flange ensures robust and highly accurate processes, maintaining or even reducing machine cycle times and achieving maximum uptime.

MiniPICK3D features an intuitive user interface that can be used without any expert knowledge and allows the operator to easily analyze the system when necessary. Additionally, the intuitive user interface supports effortless configuration of new component shapes within a matter of hours. Compatible with all common robot types, MiniPICK3D ensures reliable production processes and automation for enhanced efficiency.

With the MiniPICK3D system, manufacturers can automate wheel assembly safely and reliably, while remaining flexible for different vehicle types and wheels on the same line. On-the-fly wheel mounting saves valuable time during assembly and opens up potential for the operator to reduce cost.  


Experience MiniPICK3D in your application.

Automotive Final Assembly

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