Precise detection & classification of all defects in uncoated graphical paper, from edge cracks, holes, and stickies to wrinkles and poor formation

Reduce web breaks by at least 50% with the best performing unified system

Detect even the tiniest defects in the µm range at web speeds of up to 2,000 meters per minute.

Sustainable process stabilization to reduce your carbon foot print

Integrated inspection solution from wet to door

Process efficiency and product optimization by production analytics

Precise detection and classification of surface defects, even at high speeds

The PAPER MASTER inline web inspection system precisely detects and classifies all types of surface defects in the paper. The generated inspection data enables users to gain reliable insights into product quality and allows increased process stability and efficiency.

Equipped with high-speed line cameras, innovative lighting technology and intelligent software, the system captures high-resolution defect images over the full web width even at highest web speeds. The system can be integrated into all paper machines. Predefined parameter settings ensure shortest set-up times. 

The PAPER MASTER can be used as a stand-alone system or combined with the Web Break Monitoring system, thus ensuring 100% inspection in cross and machine direction. When combined with the Unwind Control System (UCS), PAPER MASTER guarantees full quality tracking and documentation from head box to door. 


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