Advanced 3D Inspection for optical defect detection and measurement of hot and cold plates

In-line surface quality inspection for plate mills

3D defect measuring including defect depth

Top and bottom side inspection of plates 

Improved roll mark detection with new high focused LED illumination

Best detection performance with outstanding image processing power

100% inspection of the plate top and bottom

The combined 2D/3D inspection system with laser triangulation detects and classifies all relevant defects, such as cracks or inclusions, and measures their depth. This ensures that quality and repair costs are determined correctly and minimizes waste material.

The PLATE MASTER can detect defects on the top and bottom of the material on both cold and hot plates with temperatures up to 1,000°C. A mere contrast-based 2D inspection system is not able to detect these defects with sufficient reliability.

The information is generated in real time and displayed in the real-time LiveView monitor. The system can even detect weak rolls and provides immediate information about defects in the rolling process. In addition, the ISRA InstantClassifierTM includes over 80% of all typical defect classes with its standard Installation.

In addition to identifying surface defects, the PLATE MASTER calculates the size (volume and weight) of the plate. 

A PLATE MASTER system typically has a payback period of just a few weeks.


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