Inspection of battery tray for foreign objects to avoid serious production quality issues

Recognition of very small and shiny foreign objects, irrespective of their geometry or material, e.g., bolts, nuts, screws, nuts

Detect foreign parts > 5 mm

Measurement time: < 500 ms (embedded processing unit)

Collision-free assembly processes based on point-cloud technology

The assembly process of a high voltage EV battery pack has a strong influence on the performance, safety and durability of the battery. Any loose object that is out of place and has the potential to cause damage in the assembly process is considered a foreign object (FOD) and debris. Therefore, the battery tray must be inspected for foreign objects to prevent damage to equipment, and avoid serious production quality issues or production delays. The overall quality of the foreign objects detection process depends on the accuracy and the reliability of the vision technology.

The PowerPICK3D sensor ensures foreign part free assembly situation with short cycle times thanks to its ultra-fast quality inspection and result provision. 

Using state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, the sensor generates a high-definition 3D point cloud that enables detection of even small components. After acquiring the point cloud, the embedded processing unit compares the point cloud generated in production environment and calculates deviations from the CAD-file based on tolerances defined.

PowerPICK3D features an intuitive user interface that can be used without any expert knowledge and allows the operator to easily analyze the system when necessary. Additionally, the intuitive user interface supports effortless configuration of new component shapes within a matter of hours.


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EV battery production

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